Yes, Virginia, L.A. Has Cabs!

There is an idea out there that no one takes cabs in Los Angeles and that spotting one is as rare as spotting Santa Claus on the 4th of July. Au contraire, as the cab service Los Angeles residents and visitors alike turn to first, Beverly Hills Cab Co. is proving every day that taxis are a crucial part of the Greater Los Angeles transportation scene.

It's true that Los Angeles is an enormous city, and one with a notoriously spotty public transportation system to boot. Just to give you some idea of the vastness of the Greater Los Angeles area, let's imagine a trip you might take in a Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi cab. Santa Monica is about 14 miles from Hollywood Boulevard. A car ride takes about 45 minutes in typical traffic. Trying to take buses will almost certainly take hours. It's a long cab ride, but it's a ride that might make a lot of sense.

If you're heading to a business meeting, you want to arrive relaxed and prepared, and that cab ride can give you the extra time you need to do just that. If you're travelling for a night on the town with a group of friends, you can split the cab fare and not to have worry about a designated driver. We can't think of a better reason for taking a clean, comfortable Hollywood cab from Beverly Hills Cab Co. than a night of safe fun.

While the vast majority of L.A. residents drive almost every day, there's no reason we have to drive ourselves everywhere. Everyone in L.A. knows how stressful driving here can be. Beverly Hills Cab Co. is here to give you the break from the usual traffic rat-race that we all deserve.