Understand Structure of Cab Fare in Los Angeles to Obtain Affordable Taxi Services

Los Angeles is not only a very famous city on earth but also a sprawling and busy city with heavy traffic. Hence, when you visit Los Angeles as a tourist or on business purposes, you should be familiar with the various factors involved in hiring a Los Angeles taxi. The taxi drivers should be thoroughly familiar with every spot in this large city. They should be able to take you to airports, hotels, day or night trips on the town, sightseeing tours, hospital visits, business conferences, etc., without your detailed navigational guidance in the shortest possible time. This could be a frustrating issue with many taxi operators, especially if you are a newcomer to Los Angeles. Beverly Hills Cab Co. ensures that you never face any sort of such troubles and your taxi ride is smooth and relaxing.

The cab fare in Los Angeles is also slightly complicated. For example, when you travel from Los Angeles International Airport to Maple Street, the travel distance is about 45.92 km and it takes around 41 minutes on an average, depending on traffic conditions. The taxi fare normally includes a basic charge for minimum distance, rate per km, estimated charges for waiting in traffic, 15% customary tips, and airport surcharge. In the above instance, your taxi fare would be approximately $101.86 for traveling from LAX to Maple Street. However, Beverly Hills Cable Co. ensures that the cab fares are most competitive in the industry and favorable to our customers.

With more than 40 years of experience as taxi operators in the city of Los Angeles and with all the necessary permits, licenses, and insurance to protect our customers on all occasions, Beverly Hills Cab Co. has the distinct advantage as the best Los Angeles taxi service. You can feel the difference from the time you get into one of our taxis. We are confident that you would not only appreciate our high quality taxi service but would also recommend us to all others known to you.

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