Westwood Taxi

Westwood is one of the nicest and most appealing neighborhoods in all of Southern California. A Westwood taxi from Beverly Hills Cab Company can take you to any number of locations for either business or pleasure in this charming district.

Easily the most famous location in the area is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This beautiful campus has many important points of interest, as well as one of the finest medical centers in the entire world. The university is, however, quite large and you might well want to take a Westwood taxi from Beverly Hills Cab Company if you’re leaving the campus even to head to parts of nearby Westwood Village, even more so if you’re heading as far south the Hammer Museum and UCLA’s Billy Wilder Theater, both located in the Occidental Petroleum building. You might also need our services if you need to go further down Westwood Blvd. as down to Santa Monica Blvd. and Century City. And you can’t ask for better comfort and service than you’ll get from one of Beverly Hills Cab Company’s outstanding drivers.


A taxi in Westwood from Beverly Hills Cab Co. can take you to any number of outstanding restaurants and important businesses. Although the area is no longer as bustling as it was during its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, it remains one of the most charming and busy areas a West Los Angeles taxi can take a passenger to. Our drivers are among the best in the business and if you’re not sure of your next Westwood taxi stop, or concerned about your ability to arrive on time, our cabbies will do their absolute best to accommodate you.

To find out more about taking a clean and comfortable Westwood taxi cab from the Beverly Hills Cab Company, please call 800-398-5221 or pay a visit to our contact page.