Westwood Cab

Westwood, the famous district of Los Angeles, is well-known for being an epicenter of movie going activity, shopping, and art. It's also known for its heavy transportation woes, stemming from the congestion of the interstate and the massive population of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This is why more and more savvy shoppers, students, and connoisseurs choose Beverly Hills Cab Co. for a Westwood taxi to get around quickly and cheaply.


Living in one of the largest cities in the world allows UCLA students and Westwood residents to take advantage of Los Angeles' bright and active night life. The convenience of not having to drive and park in order to go out is one of the best reasons to take a Beverly Hills Cab. Co. Westwood cab. We'll arrive shortly after your call or promptly when scheduled, ready to escort you and your cohorts into the city. Many choose Beverly Hills Cab Co. to taxi Westwood because we offer the same rate for a group as we do one person, meaning many people can save by sharing one of our clean, modern vehicles.

Many in Westwood cab with Beverly Hills Cab Co. because we get our customers to their destination on time. Because movie premieres and screenings are such a vital aspect of Westwood culture, we here at Beverly Hills Cab Co. understand the importance of timeliness. Our online reservation form is a convenient way to book your Westwood cab early and guarantee your punctuality. You can also arrange a Westwood taxi cab pick-up by phone, if you'd prefer. This is also a great option for LAX-goers, whom we offer a competitive flat rate.

Call Beverly Hills Cab Co. at 800-398-5221 or visit our contact page to reach us.