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The boardwalk at Venice truly has to be seen to be believed. Yet, finding parking for the Venice Beach promenade can be incredibly time consuming or expensive if you plan on spending a fair amount of time there. Skip both of these hassles by calling Beverly Hills Cab Co. for a taxi Venice Beach excursion that will save you time and money.


There's so much to explore on Venice Beach that it can easily take hours to take it all in. Walking down the Ocean Front Walk, you see street performers, shops, restaurants, artists, and many people. You could end up on the opposite end of the boardwalk as you started. This would be an inconvenience if you parked on one end, but not if you took a taxi in Venice CA from Beverly Hills Cab Co. Plus, the walk and the sun can be exhausting, another reason to taxi Venice CA.

Here at Beverly Hills Cab Co., we distinguish ourselves from other Los Angeles Taxi businesses through our stellar drivers. We hire only knowledgeable and polite persons who we can trust to give our customers a great time. Then, we train them to better their skills and make sure that they license and renew through the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Finally, we have a stringent feedback system, so we know if your taxi Venice CA experience isn't ideal and then we set about to ameliorate the problem.

Call us or make an online reservation to taxi Venice CA soon. Beverly Hills Cab Co. can be reached at 1-800-273-6611 or at

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