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At Beverly Hills Cab Co., we believe that Los Angeles Taxis should stay modern and innovative. We've been in the Los Angeles car service industry for 40 years, so we know that we have to keep it current to stay successful. We don't believe that this modern-day attitude prevents us from customer-focused, professional service.


One simple way we’ve been adhering to this maxim of modernity is by stocking our fleet with GPS navigation units. While our Los Angeles taxis drivers know the majority of the metropolitan area, there are still nooks and divots of the city that can be undiscovered. Rather than having to call in to base or ask the customer for directions, the GPS allows our drivers to get out of the rare, unsuspected rut (and to support their convictions once they feel like they're back on track).

Also, people nowadays are ecologically-minded and are looking for alternatives to driving. Many car service Los Angeles customers opt for taxis in conjunction with using public transportation. It's easy to take the Metro to the part of town you'd like to be in and then grab one of our Los Angeles taxis to get quickly to your intended destination. Plus, 80% of our fleet will be green over the next few years and we pride ourselves on this commitment to natural gas vehicles.

Finally, Beverly Hills Cab Co. has a stellar and reliable automated on-line ordering system. It's not like other taxi cabs Los Angeles businesses where you don't even know if the site got your order. Ours will assuage your fears about your near or far off cab service.
Call us today at 1-800-273-6611 or go to www.beverlyhillscabco.com to experience excellent Beverly Hills Cab Co. service.

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