K-Town Taxi

K-Town, also known as Koreatown, has gained a reputation for its booming nightlife and world-class cuisine. After a hit Youtube series taking place in Koreatown and numerous appearances on the Food Network, Los Angeles residents are finally taking note of what this wonderful district has to offer. If you'd like to experience this awesome district, call Beverly Hills Cab Co. for our top-notch K-Town taxi service. We've been serving Korean taxi Koreatown customers for decades and we know all the hot spots and best ways around.


Alternatively, if you're the K-Town expert, you have probably used Beverly Hills Cab Co. to taxi Koreatown before and we've learned a few things from you. You depend on us for prompt, affordable service and we get the scoop from you on the best stores, Karaoke bars, BBQ joints, and places to eat after 2 AM. After all, K-Town does have the largest concentration of nightclubs in Southern California and it's our duty to have the best knowledge of the neighborhoods in order to offer the best K-Town taxi possible.

If you're going out with a group of friends, don't argue over who is driving; just pile into one of our plush, clean Koreatown taxi cabs and we'll take you everywhere you want to go. Beverly Hills Cab Co. offers the same price for our cabs for one passenger as we do for multiple passengers, which makes us incredibly popular for group use. Plus, our simple to use online reservation form means you can plan your nights out way in advance, guaranteeing a speedy K-Town taxi for when you need it.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. can be reached by phone at 800-398-5221 or through our online contact page.