Culver City Taxi Cab

Why choose Beverly Hills Cab Co. for your Culver City taxi cab service? Simple—because we offer the following services:


  • Airport pick up – Right from the terminal, a Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi can pick you up and bring you back to Culver City.
  • Clean natural gas vehicles – Eventually, 80% of all of our Culver City taxi cabs will be green.
  • Flat Rate to LAX – Depending on your location, we offer flat rate cab service to and from LAX.
  • GPS systems – All of our vehicles are decked out with state of the art GPS units in order to ensure prompt rides.
  • Online reservation – Especially convenient when booking a ride in advance, our online reservation form is simple to use and saves you time.
  • Wheelchair friendly vans – Transportation should be accessible to any customer, regardless of ability. Just tell your friendly dispatcher you require a wheelchair accessible van.

Plus, Beverly Hills Cab Co. only hires knowledgeable, experienced drivers for our Culver City cab services. We give them additional training once hired and we make sure their service is top-notch by asking customers about their specific experiences. All of our drivers, as well, are licensed through the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Furthermore, we require any Culver City Taxi Cab to have a pristine appearance, in and out. Beverly Hills Cab Co. performs regular and random quality inspections to guarantee that your Culver City taxi cab is nicer than any other company's vehicle. Contact us today to taxi Culver City when you need it. Our phone number is 1-800-273-6611 and our website is

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