Beverly Hills Taxi

For a relatively small city that is bordered on all sides by a vastly larger city, Beverly Hills Cab Co. is proud to be associated one of the best known towns on Planet Earth. Of course, few other cities have as dense a population of rich and/or famous residents. That’s one reason that Beverly Hills taxi drivers are known throughout the city for their professionalism and poise in the face of numerous stressful situations.


A Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi from LAX might very well be picking up a world famous celebrity, or an entire group of them, and then dealing with a number of special requests as they make their way to the hottest new restaurant on Rodeo Drive.  A taxi to LAX operated by our unflappable Beverly Hills taxi drivers may be taking an extremely  impatient and equally powerful producer, celebrity lawyer, or super-agent on her way to a crucial business meeting in New York or London. These kinds of fares may be demanding, but Beverly Hills Cab Co. drivers know that taxi service in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills sometimes means dealing with pressure and they know what to do.

Of course, our drivers also know the ins and outs of visiting one of the nation’s best known tourist destinations. Which restaurants attract the most celebrities? Which clothing stores are most popular with the locals? Beverly Hills taxi drivers know their way around.
Better yet, an LAX Taxi heading to a single Beverly Hills destination is available for a flat rate fare from Beverly Hills Cab Co.. If the world famous zip code of 90210 is your ultimate destination, we’re definitely the cab company for you. 

To make a reservation with the Beverly Hills Cab Co., please call 1-800-273-6611 or pay a visit to our contact page.

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