Bel Air Taxi Services

These days, if you’re looking for something for free, then you can forget it. But even in Bel Air, you can get something for cheap: a cab. In 1942, Bel Air was established as an area for affluent Los Angeles area residents to call home, while still remaining relatively close to the jobs they might have in the entertainment industry. Those who need to be shuttled to areas like West Hollywood, or Century City for work or pleasure have come to rely on Beverly Hills Cab Co. when they need Bel Air taxi services.

Together with Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills, Bel Air is a part of the “Platinum Triangle” of Los Angeles Neighborhoods, which means residents of these areas are some of the wealthiest in the Los Angeles Area, or indeed, the State of California. A Bel Air cab is often required by the area’s noted movie industry executives, figures in pop music, athletes, and the political and business elite of Los Angeles.


Perhaps no time in history shined a light in the neighborhood, and drew America’s attention to Bel Air taxi services as much as the 1990s, when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a popular sitcom. While the opening titles of The Fresh Prince featured a Bel Air taxi cab, it should be noted that that cab was hailed in Philadelphia, and was not one of our cabs. While our drivers may enjoy hanging dice in their rearview mirrors, the taxi to Bel Air used by Will Smith’s character was not one of the reliable models of car we use. Additionally, our cars used for our Bel Air taxi services are clean and well-maintained, whereas the cab depicted in The Fresh Prince seemed to have a problem with odor.

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