Taking a Beverly Hills Cab Co. Taxi is Often the Green Choice

Here at Beverly Hills Cab Co., we have a sterling reputation for our amiable service and reliable transportation. Yet, what many don't know, is that Beverly Hills Cab Co. is making strides to make our taxi service in Los Angeles as environmentally-friendly as possible. For starters, many of our vehicles are currently hybrids and, over the next few years, we will increase that amount so that 80% of our fleet is green.

This is in addition to what makes taking a taxi in Los Angeles an environmentally-friendly decision. On a basic level, using a Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi reduces congestion on the roads. Grabbing a Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi to LAX means that a friend or family member won't have to make an additional trip back from the airport after dropping you off.

Furthermore, drivers looking for parking can account for up to 30% of all traffic in the city at a given time and using a cab from Beverly Hills Cab Co. skips that gas-guzzling hassle. Our drivers are also well-versed on the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and all of our vehicles come equipped with a GPS system, both are factors that cut down on gas wasted from indecisive driving and getting lost. These statements are even more potently true when multiple people pile into a cab because it is a form of carpooling. Beverly Hills Cab Co. supports carpooling, which is why we offer the same rate for one passenger as we do for multiple, no matter the size of the cab you take.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. can be reached at 1-800-398-5221 or online through this page.