Let a Professional Be Your Designated Driver

Sometime it's easy to pick a designated driver – after all, lots of people don't drink for a variety of reasons. More often, however, the person with that job is someone who would rather not have pulled the assignment; he or she might have even lost a bet. How much better, then, to let the outstanding professional cab drivers of Beverly Hills Cab Company be your Los Angeles cab driving knights in shining armor, getting you to and from your destination in complete safety and comfort?

Splitting the cost of a cab ride with your friends is, if you think about it, a truly outstanding alternative to the designated driver option. Drinking and driving always brings with it the risk of truly serious legal trouble, great tragedy, and sometimes both. Having someone who hasn't been drinking at all is obviously the best way around it – but there's nothing that says the 100 percent sober person can't be a professional driver.

Beverly Hills Cab Company is the taxi service Hollywood and Beverly Hills residents turn to for drivers who are both friendly and completely professional, and cabs that are 100 percent comfortable. Whether you're starting of wrapping up a night out with your friends or are returning on your own, it's our commitment to quality and value that has made us the company for a taxi Los Angeles visitors and residents alike turn to when they need a lift. At Beverly Hills Cab Company, we make having a designated driver a pleasure.