Getting Around Hollywood

“Hollywood is a state of mind” goes the cliché, but it’s also a specific neighborhood in Los Angeles containing some of the world’s most exciting entertainment, dining, and dancing destinations. Though the area is relatively concentrated by Southern California standards, it’s still quite a large and far too big to navigate entirely by foot – and that’s where Beverly Hills Cab Company comes in. If you’re looking for the kind of taxi service Los Angeles tourists and business travelers need, we’re here to help with all your local transportation needs.

Although parts of Hollywood are serviced by public transportation, trying to get around any part of Los Angeles through subways and buses alone can often be problematic at best. Let Beverly Hills Cab Company be your Hollywood taxi and take you around the most exciting area in Southern California.

From the historic Chinese Theater and Cinerama Dome to world famous comedy venues such as the Comedy Store on Sunset Strip and the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) on Franklin, innumerable dance clubs and music venues, an astonishing selection of restaurants offering food from all over the world, to some of the city’s best craft cocktail bars, Hollywood has something for everybody – but, trust us, you’re going to need a lift to see as much of it as you’d like to. Beverly Hills Cab Company provides the kind of comfortable, clean taxi Hollywood visitors needs in town and they’re driven by friendly, professional drivers who know their way around the area and how to get to all the hot spots quickly with zero parking hassle or expense.

Let Beverly Hills Cab Company be your designated driver and leave the hassle and worrying to us.