Fight Traffic Congestion with a Cab

While the exact numbers are debated, it's accepted that a large percentage of cars (some say 33%) on the road at any given time in Los Angeles are looking for parking. While preventing this annoying traffic congestion isn't necessarily enough of a reason on its own to taxi Los Angeles, it can be agreed upon that alternative methods like cabbing around this city should be considered. Beverly Hills Cab Co. is always available for those who want to travel the Los Angeles metropolitan area in comfort and forego the annoyances of parking and help eliminate congestion.

There's also something to be said for the efficiency of our drivers, whose profession it is to learn the best ways to get to multiple points around the city and to avoid traffic. While every Los Angeles cab from Beverly Hills Cab Co. is stocked with its own GPS unit to guarantee that you get to your destination no matter how obscure, our drivers make it their duty to fully understand this wonderful city and its unique traffic patterns and most popular streets. We screen our drivers to make sure that they provide friendly and comprehensive service, as well as properly maintain their vehicles inside and out.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. also helps curb another side effect of terrible traffic: the pollution. Over 80% of the vehicles in our fleet are hybrids, cutting down on gas consumption and exhaust. Give Beverly Hills Cab Co. a call next time you need taxi service in Hollywood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Westwood, and many other areas!