Blue is the New Yellow when it Comes to Taxis

New Yorkers often associate cabs with the color yellow. However, this is the West Coast and we do things a little different here. After all, you may have noticed stunning and sleek blue cabs when looking for Los Angeles taxi service. These blue cabs belong to Beverly Hills Cab Co. The team here at Beverly Hills Cab Co. believes that painting all of their cars a recognizable blue color allows customers to quickly identify the company so that they can have the world-class service time and time again.

With friendly drivers always equipped with GPS units and clean, well-maintained vehicles, we truly believe that people will remember their Beverly Hills Cab Co. experience and continue to choose us for all of their future Los Angeles taxis. Additionally, the majority of our cabs are hybrid vehicles, meaning that the environmentalists of the city don't have to feel bad about traveling with us!

Above all, what sets Beverly Hills Cab Co. apart is the business' low rates, helped by knowledgeable drivers who always take the most efficient route between pick up and drop off. Many also applaud Beverly Hills Cab Co. for their flat LAX taxi rates. Depending on where you are picked up, Beverly Hills Cab Co. offers a fixed rate, which can be easily seen on our website. This makes planning a trip to the airport incredibly easy; after all, it's one less thing to worry about if you know exactly what a trip to LAX will cost you. You can even schedule a pick up way in advance by using Beverly Hills Cab Co.'s make a reservation option.