A Tale of Three Cities

It wasn't Charles Dickens but another great writer and wit, Dorothy Parker, who is supposed to have called Los Angeles "72 suburbs in search of a city." We think Los Angeles is a great city of its own, but it is true that the sprawling metropolis is comprised of so many cities, towns, and neighborhoods that even natives have a hard time keeping track. Nevertheless, Beverly Hills Cab Co. has become known as the company for a taxi Beverly Hills and innumerable other cities, towns, and neighborhoods turn to first.

People from out of town often don't know that Beverly Hills is actually not a part of Los Angeles but is a city of its own, with its own mayor, city council, and school system entirely separate from the city of Los Angeles. Similar to the famed city of glamor and wealth, prosperous Santa Monica is home to one of the world's most famous and busy beach areas, it's also one of the areas you're most likely to see a Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi cab. Santa Monica is also adjacent to such famed areas as the Pacific Palisades and Will Rogers State Beach as well as the neighborhood of Venice, home of the world renowned Venice Boardwalk.

A taxi in Venice CA can, in turn take you to some of the tonier and trendier parts of the vast Greater Los Angeles, including Brentwood, Bel-Air, and, just a bit further east, West Hollywood and beyond. Beverly Hills Cab Co. is here to take you wherever you want to go in this vast megalopolis, but we provide such outstanding service, you'll start to feel like L.A. is almost a small town.